About Evan Spargo

About Me


My name is Evan Spargo. 


For a great portion of my life growing up, I was an introverted, scared and neurotic person. Deeply insecure of what others thought of me, lacked self-esteem and suffered from my own high expectations of myself, to which I could never live up to.


I would constantly wish and dream I wasn’t the person I was. I wanted to be someone else, just like everyone else, normal and to fit in. I ran around aimlessly trying so many different paths, blaming others if it didn’t work and playing the victim card, claiming “it’s unfair” when it got too hard.


I tried to adopt so many different identities to find who I was or could claim to be, because I couldn’t accept whom I was inside, as I believed it wasn’t good enough.


The thought of public speaking, let alone speaking in front of a group of my peers frightened the hell out of me, and would avoid any of these situations at all costs.


It wasn’t until I had a personal transformation of my own where my life changed. I started to look deep within myself and accepted what I found. I took responsibility for everything in my life including my feelings, actions, results and most importantly my happiness. I no longer needed to prove myself to others as I found worthiness in me. I accepted the past, forgave people in my life, including myself. I started to be kinder to myself and as a result I became a better person to be around and became more peaceful.


My career and life opportunities begun to expand, I attracted more quality people and mentors into my life, my personal relationships evolved, and what I wanted became much clearer. I was now a creator rather than someone who would wait for something to happen.


I took ownership and never looked back.


During this transformation, this challenging and life altering process, I found my purpose:


“My purpose is to shine light on the power that lies within others and inspire a transformation into the best version of ourselves. I will share everything in my heart, listen and understand the people I am with to connect on a deeper and more meaningful level. I will strive to continually grow myself, live in integrity and trust myself to contribute to a more peaceful and empowered society.”


This lead to my profession now as a Transformative Life Coach.


It was through coaching, personal development seminars, countless hours of study, self-reflection and introspection that I was able to transform into the person I am today.


I am still on a journey of transformation, as I believe this is a lifetime process.


This is my journey as a coach and I would love to join you in your journey too if you let me in and help create the life you have always wanted to live.


It all starts from you and it all starts now!