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Welcome, I’m Evan.
Are you ready to become who you desire to be?

I’m a Master Certified Coach and my real passion and speciality lie in helping individuals transform their full potential into reality through mastering their personal leadership.

With over a decade of experience as a Personal Trainer, a former International Athlete and now as a Professional Coach, I’ve worked with thousands of individuals and trained hundreds of aspiring coaches worldwide.

For the past 5 years I’ve dedicated my life to continuous coach training, studying the many ways that humans operate and what creates long-lasting change within us, combined with doing all the deep inner work myself.

My work is a reflection of my own growth, science-based studies and the thousands of conversations I’ve had helping my clients.

I believe our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, and if we can learn to lead ourselves first, starting with our minds, then we can start living the life we were destined to live. To feel free to fully be ourselves.

What Drives Me to

The Work

Throughout life we collect beliefs, rules, stories, expectations and social constructs that dictate the way we think, feel and act. If we don’t become aware of them, they start to determine the results we experience, and we are left leading life unconsciously. We notice we aren’t being fully who we were born to be, and in some cases living a life we don’t truly want and suffering internally.

I help people to become the leader of their own life and bring them back to the core of who they truly are, what they truly want and need, to finally live in this space of personal freedom.

In my work I use a Transformational Coaching approach which is rooted in Positive Psychology, EQ and Transpersonal Psychology. Incorporating my studies in behavioural change science, exercise science, thousands of hours experience working with individuals globally, resources gained as an International Athlete and the lifetime reflections of my own deep, inner personal work.

I can help you take charge of the way your mind operates, by first bringing awareness to the unconscious patterns, blind spots, plus any inner resistance. To understand the emotions that accompany your experiences and the role they play in your journey towards your highest self. The purpose of gaining this awareness will enable you to re-engineer your mind to start thinking, behaving, and acting in a way that’s authentic and true to who you are. Changing yourself and your life for the better.

Common topics addressed in my Coaching sessions

If any of this resonates with you, are you ready to change?

My Services

Work With Me

One on One

Together we will walk a path of self discovery, to learn about what may be holding you back from living in your potential, then freeing you of your limitations. Alongside, uncovering dormant qualities, gifts, wisdom and inner strength that are yet to be unleashed in you, so you can start living as your highest self.

You will gain greater clarity of mind, in terms of yourself, direction and purpose. To take back control of your thoughts, mind and inner world, to experience personal freedom and live the life you have always wanted to live.

Session are done Via Zoom. If  you wish to work with me privately in Melbourne, please send an inquiry.

Host / Master of Ceremony

If you’re looking for an experienced Host and Master of Ceremonies for your next event, I have been a professional host for a decade in Australia and across Asia.

I specialise in hosting corporate events and functions. I work closely with your team to create the best environment for your audience and to deliver the key messages in the most impactful way, to make your event a success. 

I have worked with companies such as Qantas, Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, Deakin University, Rolls Royce, Mini Cooper, Globe Telecom, Air Asia, Color Manila and more.



If you’re looking for a seasoned speaker or a workshop facilitator for your next event.

I specialise in presenting topics about Coaching in the Workplace, Authentic Leadership, Corporate Wellness, Personal Wellbeing, Confidence Building, Mindfulness, Resilience Building and Mental Health Awareness.

My approach is to learn what you stand for as an organisation, your needs and any topics of relevance, in which needs to be addressed. I create a tailored presentation where the messaging is directed towards your team specifically, their current situation and specific needs. I aim to cultivate an interactive, energetic and practical atmosphere for your team. 



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Every new journey begins with a first step

I can help you take charge of the way your mind operates, so take the first step toegther

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