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Welcome, I’m Evan.
Transform Your Life: Embrace the Journey to Becoming a Heart-Led Man
As a Men’s Mindset & Masculine coach, I am deeply dedicated to helping men who want to be of service embrace their utmost confidence, influence, and authentic masculinity. My true calling is guiding them to connect with their profound strengths, particularly their compassionate hearts, and to express their genuine selves.
A Heart-Led man is:
       A dedicated man committed to service, providing and protecting those he cares for, as well as those in need.
       He establishes and maintains robust emotional boundaries, creating a safe space to express his needs, emotions, and true voice.
       In high-stress and competitive work environments, he remains unwavering in his calm, easeful, and grounded presence.
       Confidently makes strong decisions from a place of love without hesitation, he is comfortable sitting with and understanding his emotions while holding space for others, including the feminine.
       He fosters and cherishes healthy, profound, and positive relationships in his life.
       Continuously surpassing perceived limits, he leads others on a journey of possibility and growth.
       Prioritizes his well-being and health, cultivating a positive self-relationship evident in his self-talk

What is the work?

The Work

This type of work is for you, if you...

How these challenges may be showing up in your life now...

Why I’m being so specific is because all the above was me, and what my type of clients typically deal with.

You are not alone, and all the answers we seek are within us...

Sometimes we just need some support.

If you are interested in men's mindset & masculine coaching, you can set up a free 30 minute Discovery Call with me, just click the button bellow:

My Services

Work With Me

1:1: Coaching, Mentoring & Energy Healing

In my work I integrate coaching, mentoring, and energy work to expertly navigate you through the transformative process within my three core pillars of the Heart-Lead Man (Healing, Mindset & Masculinity). The goal is to collapse time and accelerate your progression from where you are now to where you want to be.



– Bring pain relief from past trauma, emotional experiences and carried shame, without having to re-live it

– Releasing of trapped negative emotions in the body

– Process and let go of any emotions you’ve suppressed / repressed, including anger

– To feel more connected to yourself and your emotions, and learn to manage them wisely, rather than being controlled by them

– Learn to set stronger emotional boundaries and let go of anything / anyone who no longer serves you

– To feel safe to express yourself freely and be yourself in any situation



– Discover and let go of unconscious blocks stopping you from living in your potential 

– Free you from your past conditioning and programming that’s still influencing your life 

– Gain greater clarity of mind in terms of what you want, who you are truly and your deep purpose

– Take back control of your thoughts and mind, so they work for you, rather than against you

– Grow beyond any fears that are in the way 

– Completely shift the way you talk to yourself

– Uncover the dormant qualities, gifts and inner strength yet to be unleashed in you



– Unlock and fully step into your most authentic masculine energy

– Develop an unwavering sense of calm, ease and grounding in any situation

– Cultivate the ability to make clear and quick decisions from a place of love rather than fear

– Enhance your ability to clearly communicate your needs, emotions and authentic voice

– Develop a greater sense of assertiveness in your beliefs, leadership and energy

– Foster the presence to hold space for others in their full expression of emotions, including the feminine

– Create deep intimacy with your lover / partner, and take responsibility for the direction and growth of the relationship


What your life looks like after doing the work…

– Overflow of energy to commit to and fulfill meaningful goals.
– Experience relief from pain and feel inner ease and peace.
– Enhanced workplace performance, develop leadership skills, and confidently express your voice.
– Shine in your workplace or business, ensuring you’re noticed and remembered
Cultivate assertiveness in expressing your beliefs, desires, and goals.
Radiate a deep presence characterized by unwavering calmness, patience, and poise.
– Master the art of public speaking, commanding every room with confidence.
Enjoy deep, authentic, and positive relationships with those who appreciate your sensitivity and compassionate heart.
Foster a harmonious environment that is calm, supportive, and conducive to well-being, minimizing stress and over-stimulation.
Draw in your ideal partner and nurture a healthy, loving relationship.
Engage in work aligned with your values, making a positive impact and serving a deeper purpose.
Set healthy emotional boundaries, confidently saying no to things that no longer align.
Re-establish deep intimacy and connection with your partner, revitalizing your relationship and spicing up your sex life.
Approach decision-making with confidence and without hesitation, choosing from a place of love and self-assurance.
Live your healthiest lifestyle at your optimal weight, prioritizing overall well-being.
Express creativity through outlets that celebrate the depth of emotions and unique perspectives associated with your sensitivity and empathy.
Maintain a healthy work-life balance, allowing time for personal interests, hobbies, and relaxation.
Respond to criticism with constructive resilience and confidently present your authentic self in public.

– Rediscover the joy in life and wear a smile that reflects your renewed sense of self.


Sessions are done Via Zoom. If  you wish to work with me privately in Bali, please send an inquiry to evan@evanspargo.com.

If you are interested in learning more about my work, men’s mindset & masculine coaching, the packages and if we would be a good fit together, you can set up a free 30 minute Discovery Call here:

Client Testimonials

1:1 - Deep Dive

In this one-off 75 minute session, we dedicate a deep and intentional dive into a specific area of yourself that you would like to explore and work through. We will aim to uncover any unconscious blocks around it, release any trapped emotions or energy, and free you of any immediate resistance to give you the freedom to move forward.

Prices in USD

1:1 - Deep Dive

$ 210 Per Session
  • 90 Minutes
  • Zoom Video Call

1:1 - 3 Month Container

In this 3-month container we will form a longer term partnership where we will be able to collapse time between where you are now to where you want to be. I will be helping you de-condition from your old and outdated unconscious limitations to fully step into and own your most powerful masculine self.

You will receive one 45 minute strategy session, fortnightly one-hour zoom calls using a combination of coaching, mentoring and energy work, voxer support (instant message & voice notes) during business hours and specific tools for integration to help you to continue to serve and heal yourself into the future.

Prices in USD


1:1 - 3 Month Container

$ 444 Monthly
  • Strategy Session
  • Fortnightly Zoom Calls
  • IM & Voice Note Support

1:1 - 6 Month Journey

This is reserved for those who are fully in and want to go on an epic journey together over the course of half a year. I took me over 6 years of deep inner work, hours upon hours of trainings and courses, constant trial and error, blood sweat and tears, to get to the place I am. I’m going to get you there in 6 months.

You will receive unlimited sessions throughout the duration (conditions apply), with multiple touch points of zoom calls, voice messages and direct messages. It will be a combination of coaching, mentoring and energy work, with a major emphasis on accountability and check-ins.

(Limit to only 5 people at a time)

Application only. 

Prices in USD.

1:1 - 6 Month Journey

$ 699 Monthly
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Phone, IM & Voice Note Support
  • Weekly Check-in & Accountabilty



If you’re looking for a seasoned speaker or a workshop facilitator for your next event.

I specialize in presenting topics about in the Workplace, New Age Leadership, Confidence Building, Corporate Wellness, Personal Development & Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Mindset Performance, Resilience Building, Mental Health Awareness & Management, and Men’s health.

My approach is to learn what you stand for as an organisation, your needs and any topics of relevance, in which needs to be addressed. I create a tailored presentation where the messaging is directed towards your team specifically, their current situation and specific needs. I aim to cultivate an interactive, energetic and practical atmosphere for your team.


Speaker Testimonials

About Me

Hi, my name is Evan.

Yes, I can share all my credentials, achievements, qualifications here etc, but in a world that is full of noise, I’d rather be real with you first.

I grew up painfully shy, abnormally quiet and a self esteem as flat as a pancake.

Perfectionism, people pleasing (being “Mr Nice Guy”) and over-achieving was my way of dealing with my inadequacies and lack of self worth. I believed that these were the only ways to be validated, to be accepted and to be loved, because I believed deep down that I wasn’t enough.

Self criticism, passive aggression and bottling up emotions were the only ways I dealt with pain, conflict and shame.

As soon as I discovered the gym and realised I could be a decent athlete, I started getting attention, and it felt so good and addictive, so I pursued a life that lead me to more of it. I became a model, tried to get into the limelight and onto TV, I tried to win every award I could in sport, I would say yes to anything, just so I could be recognised and be validated that I was good enough by others. At the same time, all the internal issues and wounds kept being pushed deeper and deeper into my subconscious, which started to play out in dysfunctional ways, predominantly through alcohol abuse and the way I treated to myself.

Leaving me unhappy, self loathing, in work that wasn’t aligned, no money and with no real purpose. Distractions and attention was my purpose.

It wasn’t until in my late 20s, where I hit rock bottom, I had no motivation to get out of bed, my parents were paying my rent, and I couldn’t pull myself out of the negativity of self-hatred I had built up over a lifetime, was when something seriously had to change. I started working with a coach, did a few seminars that made me confront my dark side, and something finally clicked…

I had complete control over my reality, it was my responsibility of how I felt and what I believed I deserved. I realised I had self limiting beliefs since childhood such as I am not worthy or good enough for who I am, resentment towards myself and my parents, avoiding many conversations that needed to be had, and more importantly avoiding my true self that wanted to be heard. So I went and started doing the inner work, having those uncomfortable conversations, and learning to finally take responsibility for what I was in control of.

It was at this pivotal moment, I felt a new sense freedom and a peace I never experienced before, and it was at this point I decided to become a coach. I FINALLY found my true calling, and felt a deep desire to help others to take ownership of their lives and experience what I had experienced.

For the past 5 years I’ve dedicated my life to continuous coach training, studying the many ways that humans think, operate and how we get in our own way unconsciously, to what creates long-lasting change within us, combined with doing all the deep inner work myself.

The biggest lesson I learned and I believe my life’s mission is of self acceptance, worthiness and authenticity. To heal myself and to help others heal themselves, and to no longer live our lives unconsciously. As most of my issues and dysfunctional behaviour came from an inability to accept myself fully – both the light and the dark (shadow) sides of me, to believe I am worthy as I am and to fully express my authentic self.

I had spent my whole life hiding my true self in fear of rejection, when in fact my true self is where my greatest strengths lie, where all our greatest strengths lie, but also our imperfections which make us gloriously messy human beings.

Today, I am privileged to help men from all around the world as a men’s mindset & masculinity coach, who want to take ownership of their lives and create personal change, to become the man they were destined to be, by finding acceptance within themselves and to heal old wounds, to embody their true worth and express their truth, in a way that’s authentic to them. To embody true self confidence and masculinity.

If this all resonates with you, come join me on amazing this journey!

Qualifications & Experience

Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Credentialed via International Coaching Federation (ICF) (200+ hours training / 2500+ hours coaching)

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner (CECP)

Emotion Code Energy Healer certified through Discover Healing

Certified Transformational Master Coach

Coach Masters Academy (225+ hours training / 90+ hours supervised practical coaching)

International Coaching Federation (ICF) Mentor Coach & Training Facilitator

Trained, Certified and Mentored hundreds of coaches since 2020 – Coach Masters Academy

Undergraduate Degree in Exercise Sports Science & Commerce Majoring in Sports Management

Standard Mental Health First Aider, with Mental Health First Aid Australia  

Certified Personal Trainer – Certificate 3 & 4

Former International Athlete

 Philippines Men’s National 7’s Rugby Teams

Every new journey begins with a first step

I can help you take charge of the way your mind operates, so take the first step toegther


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